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J Wingfield Continues to Strive for Sustainable Cotton Shirt Production
J Wingfield Continues to Strive for Sustainable Cotton Shirt Production

March 02, 2018

As J Wingfield continues to expand and satisfy its customers with Made in USA shirts of an unmatched fit, quality, and style, we continue to produce cotton shirts in the most sustainable way possible. Through our partnership with the Cotton LEADS Program, we are able to ensure all of our customers that J Wingfield’s high-quality shirts are produced with the environment in mind.

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USA Men Fashion Trends for Ages 21-55
USA Men Fashion Trends for Ages 21-55

April 20, 2017

J Wingfield is a brand established in 1954 that uses fabrics woven in South Carolina and is partnered with the fine artisans and the engineers in Texas and Maryland. Our aim is to bring latest fashion trends straight from the runway to all ages and sizes of men. However, we always keep in mind your comfort and style needs and cater to it accordingly.

Here are a few tips to dress spot on:

  • Dress Your Age

Many men approach their casual style from the wrong angle because they are aiming to look age they are not. If you are a teen, dress like a teen; if you are a guy in his fifties, dress like a guy in his fifties. If you want to dress like an adult, anything overly flashy or colorful can simply become inappropriate and so will the tees with cartoons on them. Instead, opt for solids, plaids, or checks that strike the balance of casual and sophisticated. Even if you’re a teen, a well-worn button down shirt can go a long way in showing taste and maturity.

You might also consider wearing polo shirts or casual tee shirts.  A simple white shirt looks great with a pair of dark blue jeans and a jacket just as much as a collared shirt does.

  • Wear jeans that fit you

Trends today show men wearing jeans hung below the hips or too tight around the thighs.  If you’re dressing to impress, you have to find that nice middle ground where you look presentable for any occasion, whether you’re jumping on a plane for a business trip, taking a significant other out to dinner, or running errands on the weekends, jeans have become widely more accepted as “formal attire”, so be sure to look the part.

  • Add variety

Jeans are great, but there are so many different varieties.  You can go with a rich blue, dark grey, deep indigo, or even a washed fade.  All of these can lend different looks to different occasions.  A dark indigo jean will look great with a button down shirt in a meeting at the office, and a light blue faded jean will look great at happy hour with your friends.  But jeans are not the only option for bottom weights.  Guys should also consider adding some variety to their wardrobe by investing in a pair of chinos. Not only does it add variety in colors that you can wear, but it also adds a touch of sophistication and class, giving the impression you want to convey. Some colors to try could be a camel, gray or even army green. If you’re feeling bold, go with red.

  • Class up your footwear

Every guy would love to wear a pair of sneakers all day, every day.  But let’s face it: if you’re eyed getting eyed up and down, there’s a sting of silent judgment if you’re wearing a button down shirt, a blazer, nice slacks, only to have the ensemble cheapened by a pair of cross-trainers.  Try wearing a pair of brown leather loafers instead of your sneakers, and BOOM… You look sharper. Brown leather loafers still look too formal for you? Try a pair of desert boots. Desert boots look nicer than sneakers, aren’t as dressy as loafers, and add that level of comfort all men want.

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7 Closet Essentials
7 Closet Essentials

August 19, 2016

Dressing to impress is a fundamental way of life and has been for centuries.  What you wear dictates how you are perceived.  Whether it’s by co-workers, friends, family, or even complete strangers, what you wear not only expresses who you are, but also dictates the opinion people for about you.

Today, let’s go through the 7 essentials that you should have loaded in your fashion arsenal so you can look sharp while keeping your closet uncluttered.


A suit says a lot about a man.  Everything from the color to how it’s tailored on your body.  Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy an Armani or a Cucinelli. You can’t go wrong with a well-tailored classic black or navy suit. Great for numerous occasions including formal events, the office, or even a special night with the one you love, a finely pressed suit goes a long way in conveying strength and confidence.


As the professional world is changing, a lot of us can come into work wearing more “business casual” attire.  But there’s a fine line between business casual and casual. Khakis fit nearly every occasion and are very versatile with almost any patterned shirt in your wardrobe. Whether you’re having a typical day at work, out for a friend’s birthday dinner, or even a BBQ with the family, Khakis are the perfect combination of casual and formal, making your them a versatile workhorse of your closet.  


There are millions of different versions of T-shirts on the market today. They differ in fabric, fit, color, pattern, label and of course size. But no matter one’s style or personality, a white T-Shirt can enhance every man’s look and will certainly remain a must-have for generations to come. For those hot summer days, a classic white tee can be the perfect buffer between your skin and a freshly pressed button down shirt.  For those casual encounters, it perfectly complements any jacket or sweater.  Be aware of the fit.  While you don’t want something too tight, you also don’t want to be wearing a boat sail.


As a staple of men’s fashion, jeans are every man’s go-to bottom weight.  Whether you’re going out on a double date or cruising into the office on Casual Friday, you want to make sure that your jeans complement your outfit and not hinder it.  So what makes for a nice pair of jeans?  The last thing you want to see is fraying or rips.  Yes, a distressed pair of denim jeans adds character to an ensemble, but you want to be careful.  Also, the darker color palate of a deep indigo dye offers a more professional look when worn with a button down shirt and blazer.


Sports jacket, blazer, coat.  Call it what you like, but make sure to have one in your closet. A sports jacket can spice up any outfit, bringing a touch of sophistication to a comfortable outfit. If you feel adventurous, a seasonal color can bring a unique flare into your outfits, but may limit the variations you can create with the other items in your closet.  A classic black, navy, or suede works in tandem with any color shirt or pant and brings the most versatility to your wardrobe. 


Every guy has that one color or pattern that just makes them look and feel good.  For some guys, it’s a classic tattersall.  For others, it could be a stylish gingham.  What a casual dress shirt does to convey your personality and sense of fun can go a long way in building confidence in a man’s stride.  It gives the wearer a feeling of fun and choice, relieving some of the pressure of being in a formal situation.  A casual dress shirt is also great for non-formal events.  You could throw on your favorite gingham shirt, roll up the sleeves, with a pair of shorts and flip flops for a BBQ in the backyard, a day at the pier, or cocktails with friends.  Comfort, class, and personality all melded into one outfit.


There’s a reason they call them the classics.  The white and blue Oxfords are timeless in their style and sophistication.  Colors made to compliment every man, these are a MUST for every man’s closet.  No matter what tie you pick out or which slacks you choose to wear, you can be confident that it will blend together perfectly with these mainstays of men’s fashion.  With or without a tie.  Jeans, khakis, or slacks.  Blazer or sweater.  These two shirts are the most versatile pieces of any man’s wardrobe, which is why every man should not skimp when it comes to the price as you will want the best of the best for these two Oxfords.

The key word to take away from our list today is “versatility”.  If you build the foundation of your wardrobe on these key pieces, you make your closet work for you as opposed to you struggling to make it work.  Buying garments that go with one pair of pants or one particular jacket isn’t necessarily a smart buy because you can only wear it with those items.  But if you build your closet to be multi-faceted, the more variations you can create and the more you can pinpoint on your own particular style.

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