Our Made in USA Story


The J Wingfield Company weaves into its shirts the experience of four generations of American textile engineers. From the sourcing of fiber, through the spinning of yarn, weaving, finishing and sewing, the company's passion is to deliver an American produced shirt of unparalleled fit, quality, and style.

Company Founder

Our story begins at the turn of the twentieth century when company founder, Angus McKinnon, was born in rural Georgia to Scottish immigrant farmers. Cotton growing and textile manufacturing were the lifeblood of his community and the backbone of his southern upbringing. His Uncle (J Wingfield), an executive of the Eagle & Phenix Cotton Mill, gave Angus his first job and instilled in him how the depth and breadth of the cotton business was deeply woven into the American dream.

The Cotton Mill

Never destined for college, and looking to follow in his Uncle's footsteps, Angus went to work at The Swift Textile Company at aged 17. A quick learner, he rose rapidly through the mill ranks to become the youngest manager in factory history, and then ultimately, to the challenge of a sales & marketing position at Swift's New York City headquarters.

The Family Business

After struggling to adapt to a corporate life, Angus realized he was ready to head out on his own. His ethics, natural appeal and textile intelligence earned him the trust needed to start his own company. It became clear that textiles ran in the family blood when, in the 1960's, Angus’ two sons followed in their father’s footsteps. The boys shared their father’s talent for sales and innovative engineering, but also demonstrated a keen manufacturing skill set. When the family acquired certain assets of Cannon Mills Group in 1984, the firm became a vertically integrated manufacturing business. 

Yarn Dyed Fabrics in the USA

The late 1990's and early 2000's were a difficult time for textiles in America. As a result, and with the family now in its third generation, the company reinvented its business model and began designing, weaving and marketing yarn-dyed shirting fabrics for the manufacturing, farming, energy production, education, and communications technology fields. The company engineered its fabrics to be comfortable, breathable, stain-resistant, and strong enough to last through multiple industrial washes. With this experience, the company soon realized that the same philosophy could be carried through into making a well-designed, high-quality and fashionable sport shirt. 


America is characterized by acceptance of this nation's opportunities for accomplishment regardless of social class or circumstance of birth. Angus, a poor southern boy who took up that challenge, understood that textiles were a bedrock staple in our pursuit of that opportunity, and sought to weave into his family's history the achievement of this quest. His legacy of insistence on excellence is defined in J Wingfield shirts. We proudly manufacture our products in the USA and invite you to join us by weaving our shirts into your own American dream.

J Wingfield manufactures every shirt in the USA and has designed each style to incorporate domestically produced buttons, snaps, threads, interlining, labels and packaging. Where we can, we source as locally possible to reduce our carbon footprint. 


Our Heritage and Sustainable collection fabrics are woven in both North and South Carolina using the latest yarn spinning and weaving technology. Our sister textile mill - originally opened in 1904 - cleans and cards fiber, spins yarn and weaves 100% cotton and other blended fiber fabrics. Our managers and associates are the backbone and heart of what makes a US manufacturing company successful and they are the critical component to the quality, workmanship, durability and strength of our products today. 



America has a long tradition of expertise in fabric cutting, sewing and tailoring. We proudly manufacture our shirts with one of the oldest and most trusted families in the great state of Texas. Their fabric cutters and sewers have over 75 years of shirt sewing expertise, consistently delivering the highest quality while taking great pride in every USA produced J Wingfield shirt.



Our shirts are being made available through our website and through an exclusive array of local retailers. We like to do business with family owned enterprises and small businesses whenever possible.