Wingfield Continues to Strive for Sustainable Cotton Shirt Production

Wingfield Continues to Strive for Sustainable Cotton Shirt Production

June 05, 2023

As Wingfield continues to expand and satisfy its customers with Tailored in the USA shirts of an unmatched fit, quality, and style, we continue to produce cotton shirts in the most sustainable way possible. Through our partnership with the Cotton LEADS Program, we are able to ensure all of our customers that Wingfield’s high-quality shirts are produced with the environment in mind. Not only do we promote the importance of responsible cotton production both nationally and internationally, but we seek to support Cotton LEADS as they continue to search for eco-friendly opportunities that will improve on-farm practices and shrink the industry’s carbon footprint.

            The Cotton LEADS Program is now in its fourth year of business and continues to gain new partners committed to maintaining sustainable cotton production practices. Within the United States alone, they have successfully discovered operations that reduce the amount of insecticide applications made to U.S. cotton, conserve water usage, preserve water quality, improve soil conservation, and reduce energy consumption. As Wingfield manufactures more American produced shirts of a comfortable, breathable, and stain-resistant fabric, we will constantly seek to improve our environmental production efforts through the framework provided by Cotton LEADS. A comprehensive analysis of any impacts the environment can face from the extraction of raw material to product disposal are provided and will allow us to make better decisions.

            We will continue to stay committed to developing sustainable and innovative cotton production alongside Cotton LEADS throughout 2018. Wingfield looks forward to providing our customers with shirts made from the best quality cotton and we hope to encourage other brands to do the same.

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